Cocaine Addiction Rehab For Those Who Are Willing To Recover

What Does Cocaine Do?

Cocaine is popular for its addictive qualities. Once you are used to the consumption of cocaine on regular basis then it gets really difficult for you to stop it. This drug is obtained from a plant and is majorly found in white powder form. When consumed it increases the level of dopamine which controls movement and pleasure. The excessive amount of dopamine set in the nerve cells hinders the regular brain communication.

Alarming Situation

If you or anyone close to you are experiencing any change in their appearance and behaviour then it is an alarming situation directing towards the tendency of being an addict. An addict may also undergo any of the following situations

  • The decrease in appetite resulting in extreme weight loss.
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Poor concentration level
  • Nervousness and depression
  • Agitation

If you are an aggressive user of cocaine and you have no money to get more of it then you may likely indulge in any unlawful activity to get money for the purchases of cocaine.

The Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Treatment in the rehabilitation centres is more of a school where the patient spends the entire day in a controlled setting. The duration of the treatment may differ depending on the severity of addiction; it may range from 3 to 8 months or longer if required.

A complete routine is designed for the patients and they are supposed to follow it. It comprises of activities specially designed to keep them busy so that they find no time to think about using the drug. The centre does not have any access to cocaine which keeps them deprived.

A routine checkup along appointments with the therapist helps in talking out the reason behind indulging in drug addiction. These therapies help in building up the self-control all over again.

Stages In The Process of Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Following are the basic five stages you would go through to get rid of the addiction in a rehab

1st Is Assessment

In this stage, you will be medically evaluated to know the level and severity of drug addiction. This examination helps the rehabilitation center to know you better so that the plan and care is designed according to the needs. A complete family history is taken to know the background of the addiction which helps in finding the root cause. Furthermore, mental and physical diagnosis is conducted to know the details.

2nd Is Medical Detox Process

After the tests are completed you will now be struggling in withdrawing from cocaine. This will be tougher than you would have thought and will take a long time depending upon your resistance capacity. Medical assistance in this detox process will be a great help, as you will be experiencing extreme side effects and symptoms

3rd Is Help Through Medication

No such medication has been introduced to treat addiction. But the symptoms that you experience during withdrawal can be treated with medication

4th Is Help Through Psychotherapy

Behavioural and psychotherapy have proven to be the best treatments to get rid of addictions. Sessions are arranged with the therapist to help in the treatment.

5th Is Care After The Treatment

After the cocaine addiction rehab, you still have a chance to revert back to the addiction. To keep you away from going back to the addiction, counselling from the support group would really help. This battle will be really exhausting but you have to be determinant.