Healthy Meal Delivery Service

When you are looking for a quick and easy meal for the family after a busy day at the office, what do you do? Visit the local McDonald’s Drive-thru? Order pizza?  Well, there is a healthier choice that can ensure you have the answer to the eternal question “What’s for dinner?” taken care of.

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On the Run Meals has healthy, nutritional meal plans that you can pre-order and have delivered each week. It offers three separate meal plans: the Balanced Plan, the Low-Carb Plan, and the Vegan Plan. All you have to do is pick the plan you want for dinner and order online.  Each plan comes with six pre-selected meals and you can have these delivered on either Sunday or Wednesday—whichever is more convenient for you.

There is even an a-la-carte menu to choose from so you can mix it up and keep dinner from becoming boring. OTR Meals just asks that you make your minimum order $75.  If your order comes to $125 or higher you will not have a delivery charge.  You can create your own selection of meals each week with several delicious main courses to choose from.

An example of a balanced meal on the OTR Meals plan is Citrus Dill Salmon- this is fresh salmon that is broiled and infused with dill and citrus flavors; with regards to sides, you get brown herb rice, seasoned greens, and dairy-free tartar sauce.  There are seven healthy, balanced meals to choose from on the website.

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There are six healthy low-carb meals to choose from such as a Chicken Thai Salad- This is an assortment of cabbage, carrots, broccoli, mixed pepper, and green onions, with toasted sesame seed topping and Asian inspired salad dressing on the side.

Then there is the Vegan menu plan.  If you are looking for Vegan meals to be delivered to your doorstep, OTR Meals has just what you are searching for.  An example of a Vegan meal is the Chimichurri Tofu Steak- this is a tofu steak that is flame grilled and has the house Chimichurri sauce on it. It is served on a bed of wild rice and grilled vegetables.

If all this is making you hungry, you can also be confident in knowing that all produce is fresh, grown in North America, and delivered fresh to OTR Meals kitchen on the very same day that your meal is being prepared.  The meat is also fresh, never frozen, and comes from animals that are raised in a humane environment.  No hormones or antibiotic are injected into this meat.  All you get is the freshness of natural produce and meat in every meal.

OTR Meals realizes that your health and that of your family is your most valuable asset. So invest in your health and order some healthy meals online from OTR Meals today. The chefs and other professionals working at OTR Meals want you and your family to be the very best versions of yourselves.