The next time you eat out in a restaurant keep these 7 tips in mind to skip those calories.

No one eats at home anymore, well mostly. You can check your neighbouring houses, and you are bound to find out that most of them prefer not to eat at home after a long hard day. So, where do they eat? Simple, in restaurants. If you consider the Americans, then most of them choose to dine out around four times per week. For great discounts on restaurants, visit!

Now, as much as this is good for the food market, it isn’t for your health. The more you choose to skip home cooked food and eat out, the more obese you get. Not to mention your wallets becomes less burdensome. Would you be astounded to hear that we spend more than $1 billion on dine-outs?

What is the problem then?

So not only are we getting heavier and overweight we are also not getting any richer. Instead, we are emptying our pockets. So, what should we do about it? Well, conventionally, eating boiled veggies inside our homes is the best option. But we all know we wouldn’t be able to continue that after a tough week. The next best option which we can think of is dining out smartly by navigating through the menu correctly. Learn how to do that by studying the seven tips provided below.

  1. Excuse the dips

Yes, we know that the dips add the extra flavour in your otherwise flattering food but do remember that they add the extra carbs as well. An appetiser appears to be something that cannot be consumed without the dip, but if you can manage somehow to avoid them, then you will be able to save yourselves from the carb attack. Dips are high in fat content, and moreover, the things you have with the dips are itself heavier on the fat side. Do you need extra fat for your belly? Try choosing healthy appetisers such as veggies topped with salsa or steamed seafood. They will make sure that you don’t consume excess calories with your main course.

  1. Choose the salads wisely

Now we have just suggested you go for the salad, but you also have to keep in mind that there are a few restaurant salads that can derail your diet. Restaurants do serve great salads, but among these great options, there are some not-so-great heavy on the carbs salad that can harm your diet massively.

Salad items often have a significant amount of fat and sugar content. Refrain from salads having fried chicken or cheese, candied nuts, cream or tortilla strips. Carefully consume the dressing too. It is advisable to dip your fork into the dressing and have the salad. That way you will be able to have a taste of the dressing without splurging on the fat. Another way to avoid the dressing fat is by swapping it with a salsa.

  1. Know the menu accurately before going

The era of connectivity has brought us the benefit of learning the menu before arriving at the restaurant itself. Make full use of the tech and study the list beforehand so that you know what to order upon entering the restaurant. If you appear to be confused your friends or the waiter might recommend something heavy and spoil your plan. Decide what to order before arriving and more importantly stick to your decision instead of getting way led by the other orders.

  1. Have lots of water

Before and while eating your food drink plenty of water instead of sweetened drinks. This way you will cut out the carbs from the drinks and drink something which is naturally more healthy and friendly to your health.

  1. Make sure that the food is cooked in a healthy manner

The way your food has been prepared has a lot of impact on the amount of fat you consume. Opt for grilled, steamed, roasted and poached food instead of deep fried ones. Foods that are pan-fried, crunchy, crispy etc. are not so friendly to your diet.

  1. Order before everyone else

That way you can stick to your decision and not get provoked by the other orders. The less healthy dishes ordered by your friends might tempt you into ordering something on similar terms. It is always better to arrive, open the menu, order before anyone else and not look at the menu anymore.

  1. Chew your food thoroughly

There is entirely no hurry to finish your food. Slow your pace down and chew your food properly so that they get adequately digested and make you feel fuller than you actually are.